Padisah Hatun is one of the sovereign women of Kutluk state. Padisah khatun uses Hasan Sah, Lale Hatun and İffeti mahlas according to a historical document. She was born in Hijri.654(AC.1256). She was a daughter of Kutbüddin Muhammed one of the Kutluk rulers. Her mother Terken Khatun was the forth ruler of Kutlugkhans. She got married Ilhanli ruler Abaka Khan first and after his death she was made get married to Abaka’s son Geyhatu who was in Anatolia by Argun Sah. In Turkish Literature, the first woman poet whoose name is known is Zeynep Khatun. However, the existence of Padisah Khatun and her poems will invalidate this information any more. Today, we have 9 manzume belong to Padisah Khatun. In thsis tudy, the life story of Padisah Khatun was presented and information was given about her manzumes we have today.

Anahtar Kelimeler
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