In every culture the concept of color carries different meaning values. In order to be able to identify and reveal the areas of expression of colors among cultures and their changes over time, it is necessary to follow the cultural and oral products in order to start from the earliest. The meaning or concept that color carries conveys its common characteristics when it changes from society to society; a symbol, a concept, a sense of emotion. A lot of research has been done about the value of colors in Turkish culture, these research results have been tried to be evaluated and interpreted. The color names vary widely from phonetic, morphological, semantic, lexical angle. For this reason, this vocabulary has been the subject of many studies related to the Turkish language. In this study, color names in Turkish language will be tried to be given with examples of strengthening function determined in Kyrgyz Turkic, this function will be highlighted in the main colors such as kızıl, kara, sarı and kök, not all colors.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Turkish culture, color, intensity, intensity with color names.