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ON THE SENTENCE “Eski Ţutuň Biti, Öksüz Oğlanıň Dili Acı Olur” IN THE BOOK OF DEDE KORKUT
Dede Korkut Stories one of the masterworks of Turkish culture. Numerous utterances and endeavors over the significance of this Turkish cultural treasure have been arranged and are still shaped up. However, there isn’t a fault1ess publication of the work yet. One of the statements considered as problematic in sentence publications is a sentence belonging to a Dresden copy of The Book of Dede Korkut. The Book of Dede Korkut has been one of the research subjects in the science of Turkish-ness nearly for an age. There are arguments about some words which takes place in the Dede Korkut that is the most important anonymous text written in the Western Oghuz language as which as culture. However many unresolved questions and problems related works, waiting for the work of researchers. Although a great many studies were conducted on it, The Book of Dede Korkut has still many elaborate details, most of which maybe have not been uncovered, yet. Whether oral or written, searching Dede Korkut Stories which have a literary identity, by a variety of methods, has an importance in terms of understanding how deep meanings those stories, which are the masterworks of Turkish culture, have. In this article, the sentence which all researchers incorrect reading and meaning as: “Eski ţutuň biti, öksüz oğlanıň dili acı olur/ Old mulberry’s louse and orphaned child’s tongue is pain” or “Eski ţoŋun biti, öksüz oğlanıň dili acı olur/ Old clothes louse and orphaned child’s tongue is pain” can only be meaning as: “Old slave face and orphaned child’s word is pain” when it is taken into consideration in terms of the orthography of the work and the concept will be established.

Book of Dede Korkut, Uşun Koca Oğlu Segrek Story, meaning and reading of a problematic sentence, “Es

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