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We are Alone, which is the Peyami Safa’s most favourite work, is a remarkable novel with regards to the subjects it deals with, the messages it wants to deliver to human being as an individual, and its fictional structure. It is observed in this novel that the author symbolizes people with various roles and characters, creates them around certain meanings and transmits messages to the reader with these meanings. The purpose of this study is to explain, in Peyami Safa’s We are Alone, his approach to the problem of interpretation of human being, who is getting lonelier and who becomes infertile in the way of being an individual, his style of dealing with the subject and his efforts of reaching out to the reader with this aim. Hence, it is aimed to show the issues the author dealt with in terms of human being, and particularly sense of human being underlying the system and social order, which he tries to establish upon his utopia Simeranya, even the author’s dilemma from this perspective, and again some semantic deficiencies and complexities. It is possible to analyse how the author deals with human beings’ existential depression and his perspective on ideal man that he has tried to emphasize and others’ actions based on the Samim’s, who is distinguished as the ideal human type in the novel, dialogs with other novel persons and his thoughts learned via the narrator.

Peyami Safa, novely, loneliness, human being, sense.

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