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In this study, the factors which have a role in the teacher candidates' choice of teaching profession were investigated. The sample of the research, which was structured according to the status pattern from qualitative research, consists of 52 teacher candidates studying at a public university. The data of the study was collected by semi-structured interview form prepared by the researcher. After the expert opinions, the form consists of seven open-ended questions and personal information form. When the findings of the study were examined, it was seen that the parents, the parents and the close environment were effective in selecting the teaching profession but the final decision was given by the participants themselves. In the immediate vicinity, it was determined that most of the class teachers were effective in choosing the teaching profession because they were role models. It is seen that the elements such as the respect of the profession, economic status, high rate of appointment and the clear definition of job are effective in the selection of the teaching profession. In addition, the participants expressed the opinion that they wanted to do another profession even if they chose the profession and offered the opportunity.

Profession choice, teacher, teacher candidate, qualitative research.

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