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Some of the Turkish personal names form from word-groups, sentences and formulaic vocabulary outputs. These examples show that syntactic items referring to various emotions, thoughts, situations and concepts by stating information or not are also used for construction of the personal names. A great deal of that kind of structures in Turkish personal names consist of word-groups. Using simple and compound sentences as personal names, on the other hand, has been provided by taking a fixed form of inflected verbs. In this study, Turkish personal names that used in Turkish as a type of compound word is analyzed in terms of syntax. The purpose of the study is to identify personal names forming from various word-groups, sentences and formulaic vocabulary outputs and then to scrutinize formation manners and characteristics of this kind of names. For this purpose, the names within the scope of the study have been classified and syntactic structures have been objectified with examples.

Turkish personal names, onomasiology, onomastics, anthroponomy, syntax.

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