On the basis of two hundred years of Westernization process of the Ottoman Empire there is idea of the backwardness from the West. In the background of this idea, “religion” is seen as the first obstacle in front of innovation. Degenerating religious perceive in the social life, certain classes that movementing for his own personal interest have provided that religion take opposite position against the westernisation or perceived to be so. Republic is the ultimate point of nearly two hundred years of modernization efforts. It is the formation of innovations, that Ottoman Empire wanted to achieve, have taken shape in a new state model around. Religious perception in the early novels of the Republic (1923-1940), is very important in terms of showing the position of the individual in the face of carried out reforms and of changing social and political life. Traces of destruction of religious perception in people’s inside world that created by a new government, a new layout and a new social life has found place for himself clearly in this early novels. By this study we try to determine duality and the religious perception that located in people’s spiritual World in the Republic's first years a period of speed evolutions taking shape and by determining the traces social changes left behind in the period’s novel display reflections in today’s Turkey.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Novel, Religious Perception, Westernization, Degenerate, Turkish Literature of Republic Period.