Our work focuses on the fact that the status of a genitive whether it can be evaluated as a case based on the criteria that are based on determining the case. For this reason, for the firstly in this study, included the comments that do not consider the state of genitive as a case. And then tried to show how the genitive was being assessed according to this basis. Following the views that do not accept as case, the approaches which are accepted as case have been given and tried to put forward the basic ideas. However, it is seen that the approaches either do not accept as the case, or the views which accept it as the case, have different methods and points of view in themselves. All these different methods and perspectives, , has focused on the opinions and methods that can be fundamental in determining of in the Turkey Turkish case, then the genitive has been evaluated through on this justification.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Turkey Turkish, case, genitive.