Enverî who has no information about life in biographical sources, is a 16th century poets of Turkish literature. There are two copies of Enveri’s Dîvân which contains poems from various poetic forms 400 of which are of ghazal. One of the copy is registered in Süleymaniye Library with 07 Tekeli 750 catalog number. This copy is incomplete. The other copy determined by us is located in Arif Hikmet Beg Library in Medîna and is important in that it is a complete copy of dîvân. A study has already been made on the Enveri’s Dîvân. However, the fact that the Dîvân was done only through the missing copy in the Süleymaniye Library, prevented the establish of the full text of the dîvân, but also caused many mistakes. In this direction it is important that the complete copy of the Dîvân is introduced to the world of science. Because, with a comparison between the manuscripts, it was possible to establish the critical text of Dîvân. In addition, it will be possible to reconsider the Dîvân and eliminate deficiencies and mistakes and to bring the critical publication of Enveri’s Dîvân to the history of Turkish literature.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Classical Turkish literature, Enverî, Dîvân, Medîna.