The concept of metaphor, which its foundations have been laid on philosophy in the West, effected various fields as literature, plastic arts, politics, sociology, industry, advertising. Conceptual maps that created by metaphor carried social-cultural traces and also paved a way for new creations. Metaphor is a vast mapping that generated/emerged from the equalization of conceptual areas. Metaphors have a role in shaping both the standard Turkish language and the language of art, and they bear the trace of individual, social and geographical influences in their conceptual mappings. While the artist, who is aware of this structure, brings a conceptual expanse to the language with his original productions, he also gains access to the minds of readers via different paths. Orhan Veli Kanık chose to stand against everything about former poetry while developing a modern statement for his era. He believed that construction of new poetical language and comprehension is possible by destroying the old poetry. Metaphor is a principle of human mind’s operation and identifying it on the Orhan Veli’s poetry carries importance for its place against the rhetoric.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Poetry, Orhan Veli Kanık, Figure of Speech, Conceptual Metaphors.