In order to express himself / herself, he speaks most of the language skills that he / she most frequently refers to in professional life in daily life. It is great to be able to communicate and to continue communication in relation to the success of speech. It is the occupation teaching profession that has to use the most and most effective way of speaking during the work. Turkish teachers are expected to use speech skill effectively and to gain these skills students. It was aimed to determine the self-efficacy of the students who took the training in order to teach Turkish in the study. For this purpose, relational scanning model is used from descriptive scanning models. The data were gathered from 224 undergraduate students studying in Turkish Education Department through "Speaking Skill Self-Efficacy Scale" developed by Katrancı and Melanlıoğlu (2013). Arithmetic mean and standard deviation, independent t test and one way ANOVA were used in the analysis of data. Turkish Language Education Undergraduate Students think that speaking skills have the most ability to assess speech and at least have the ability to speak in front of the community from the self-efficacy sub-dimensions; gender and class variables were not determinative in the perception of self-efficacy.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Speaking, speaking skill, self-efficacy perception, Turkish education students.