The writing which is an extension of mind and intelligence is an indication of both a settled life and an advanced culture and civilization. The Turks are among the rare nations managed to create their own alphabet/writing in the world. The Turkish tribes and communities erected monuments, inscriptions in various places of the world (most of them being in Asian geography) and they wrote books with their own alphabets. The tradition of erecting monuments/inscriptions of Turkish tribes and communities continued in the following centuries; It is aimed to convey the historical values with these works to the present and future. The tradition of erecting inscriptions which was common among the ancient Turkish tribes and communities left its place to the books in the following periods; the Turks presented thousands of books having different topics to their cognates and to the human history from past to present. Hüseyin SÖZLÜ Adana Metropolitan Mayor, who is known for his socio-cultural activities, art activities, Turkishness knowledge and his works on Turkish World as well as for his modern municipality understanding contributed significantly to the Turkish tradition of monument erection. SÖZLÜ and his colleagues managed to immortalize the names leading the Turkish nation due to the works they created, with their unique art work inaugurated in 2017 and named as "the Book Monument". In this article, first, the ancient Turkish tradition of inscription erection is discussed; and then detailed information on "the Book Monument" erected by Adana Metropolitan Municipality is presented.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Ancient Turkish Inscriptions, Adana, Adana Metropolitan Municipality, inscription, monument, "the Bo