The purpose of this study is to reveal the responsibilities of teaching Turkish in creating democratic cultural consciousness. Since the purpose of teaching Turkish is to educate individuals who have developed comprehension, thinking and sensitive skills, it is necessary to establish the relationship between this purpose and democratic culture. In this respect, the establishment of a democratic classroom environment in the process of teaching Turkish, the use of the opportunities of fine arts, giving importance to cooperation and sharing instead of competition, the creation of democratic culture awareness through the process of reading culture, the choice of a very stimulating teaching approach, reflecting the open society structure, democratic, the use of methods and techniques that reveal attitudes and behaviors, not using pressure and authority as a problem solving tool, internalizing Turkish teachers' democratic attitudes and behaviors, teaching effective use of comprehension and expression skills, teaching Turkish culture in creating democratic culture consciousness are among the primary responsibilities. As a requirement of the culture of democracy, teachers and students to develop awareness and sensitivity towards all these variables may allow Turkish teaching process to have a democratic structure.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Democratic cultural consciousness, Turkish teaching, responsibility.