The Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (May 28, 1918), which created the first democratic state system in the East, demonstrated the determination of our people to declare our independence. The implementation of language policy in Azerbaijan dates back to the time of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Prior to that period (both in the twentieth century and especially in the early twentieth century), prominent Azerbaijani intellectuals made certain comments and suggestions about the mother tongue, as well as the language processes in Azerbaijan. However, only one month after the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, on June 27, 1918, the official declaration of the Azerbaijani (Turkish) language as the state language was the direct result of the national ideology established in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. According to the government's decision, the Russian language was allowed to be used in government institutions until those in charge of the judiciary, administration and other positions in the country learned the state language at the required level. The first official document declaring the Azerbaijani (Turkish) language the state language, along with playing a great historical role, laid the foundation for the formation of national language policy in Azerbaijan and the right ideological position in the interests of the nation.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, language policy, Azerbaijani (Turkish) language, state language.