The skills that we use to achieve our goals in the listening process are called listening strategies. With this study, the Turkish teachers’ opinions were defined, regarding the applicability of the listening strategies included in the literature. The study group of the research was consisted of 11 Turkish teachers including 3 females and 8 male, working at the public schools in Bitlis city center, in 2018-2019 academic year. The Turkish teachers’ opinions were explored with an interview form having ten items, formed in qualitative pattern and phenomenological type, including 2 metacognitive strategy questions, 7 cognitive strategy questions and 1 question increasing the applicability of the listening strategie. The data collected in the research were subjected to the content analysis, and the frequencies of the resulting findings were obtained. The compliance between the data encoded by two seperate researchers for the ensurance of reliability of the study, is 86 percent. According to the results obtained in the research, five essential titles that make the usage of listening strategies stronger or weaker, were defined as follows: teacher, listening material, student, environment, and speaker.

Anahtar Kelimeler
First language education, comprehension, listening, strategy, oral language.