The aim of this study is to determine the multi-dimensional 21st century skill levels of Turkish pre-service teacher. The mixed diversity model, one of the Mixed Research designs, was used in the research. The quantitative sample group of the study includes 237 prospective teachers studying at a public university. There are 15 Turkish teacher candidates in the qualitative study group of the research. “Multidimensional 21st Century Skills” scale, whose validity and reliability was validated by Çevik and Şentürk (2019), was used in the research. The quantitative data obtained in the study were analyzed through the SPSS25 package program. Descriptive statistics analysis, t test, One Way Variance analysis (ANOVA), correlation analysis were used to analyze the data obtained in the research. Content analysis technique was used to analyze the qualitative data of the research. Turkish teacher candidates who participated in the research follow the innovations; they do not immediately believe in the correctness of the information they read, they are open to criticism, they respect people who do not think like themselves and struggle with the problems they face; they use the time well, present their works comfortably, think about the problems that may arise in the future and conduct researches for this; it is seen that they evaluate the opportunities related to their personal development and careers.

Anahtar Kelimeler
21st century skills, teacher candidates, skill, mixed research.