Turkish pedagogy technikums (teacher training vocational schools) played an important role in the history of education of Akhiska (Meskhetian) Turks. The pedagogical technikums, which were meant to train teachers for the needs of Turkish kindergartens in the region, began to be opened by early 1930s and operated until the exile in November 1944. Its target was to prepare teachers for teachers suitable for the needs of Turkish kindergartens that existed in the region. In this respect, Akhaltsihe, Adigen, Aspindza technicians attract more attention. The purpose of this study is to provide information about the activities of these technikums, the education-training process in those vocational schools, teachers, graduates, etc. During the study process, relevant documents were found in the Education Archives of Georgia, the Most Recent History Archives of the Georgian National Archives, and the Akhaltsihe Regional Archives. The research method consisted mostly of the examination of the archive documents. The uniqueness of the study is guaranteed by the fact that the relevant archive documents are examined in this study for the first time.

Anahtar Kelimeler
History of education of Ahiska Turks, Ahiska ınformation, technical schools.