Literary works are one of the determining cultural structures in the context of reflection of gender roles, reinforcement and questioning. In this respect, it is very important how the representations of gender roles in society handled in novels, which are literary works. The aim of the study was to examine the gender roles of the characters in Latıfe Tekın’s novel Dear Shameless Death. Content analysis performed as a qualitative research method. In the work, it tried to reflect the conditions of the period what kinds of roles the family structure gave to men and women how gender roles exerted pressure on women and men. The problem of the study based on the reflection of the mental and physical destruction of women in the fictional space of the formations that could not pass the feminal realization process in the novel Dear Shameless Death and the question of them under five headings: mother, working woman, sexual deviance, girl child education, marriage. Femininity imposed by society in the context of gender, where masculinity roles are imprisoned in certain stereotypical rituals, while behavior contrary to them is subject to various sanctions (exclusion, ridicule, etc.) was vilified; traces of how the woman objectified, dependent and passive were presented.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Gender, gender roles, gender identity, sexual prejudices, gender discrimination.