October 30, 1961 date, which was held between Turkey and Germany "Labor Agreement", the labor migration process milan had been, and after many European countries (Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Sweden ...) are also signed similar treaties. As a result of the signed agreements, these countries were seen as a hope door and our citizens took the path of these countries, especially Germany. Since the first worker went to Germany, many of our compatriots have died either abroad or on the way to homeland. In addition, we know that there are many expatriates who cannot go to the river and cannot return. As a result of these migrations, the pain of the losses suffered for various reasons was put into words by those who remained in the family, and a repertoire of lament that we can only call Germany laments has emerged. Undoubtedly, these laments are formed by the design and presentation of some events that shape and internalize the world of thought by their producers. Through these images that they express with a strong expression, people have expressed their observations, objects, and expectations about the real world in their minds. In this study, Germany themed lament texts determined from various sources were classified according to their subjects. In these texts of lament in which the common suffering of people live vividly, what is felt is redesigned with images, and with these designs, the perspective of society on concepts such as migration, German, Germany has been tried to be explained.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Germany, ımage, Kırşehir, lament, labor migration.