In today’s world, developments in artificial intelligence software and the reflections of these developments manifest themselves in many areas our lives. Artificial intelligence used in virtual assistants, chat and support bots, games, smart cars, smart home systems security systems and many other areas is expanding its usage area day by day. As a result of this expansion, products of artificial intelligence creation started to be produced in the field of literature. In 2018, the authorities of the mobile application called “Calm” wanted to present a new fairy tale to its users, and they aimed to have this tale written by an artificial intelligence. For this purpose, they managed to write a new fairy tale to an artificial intelligence trained with the fairy tale corpus of the Brothers Grimm. The name of the fairy tale introduced as “Lost Grimm Fairy Tale” is The Princess and The Fox”. The aim of this study is to present the creation story and the text of this tale, and also to examine this tale in the context of fakelore in order to position it in folklore research. For this purpose, first of all, the fairy tale compilation/rewriting activities of the Brothers Grimm were evaluated and these studies of them were examined in the context of fakelore. Later, the fairy tale called The Princess and The Fox was handled in the context of fakelore and it was concluded that this fairy tale was a technology-created new generation fairy tale rather than a fakelore product. Although this one-of-a-kind tale text is now a commodity, it would be more correct for the future of 21st century folklore research to act with the fact that fairy tale may cost oral tradition.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Fairy tale, artificial intelligence, The Princess and The Fox, Grimm Brothers, fakelore.