There are some issues that need to be considered when preparing textbooks or describing topics on Turkish to Foreigns. One of these topics is the terms used in textbooks written about teaching Turkish to foreigners. It seems that there are more than one term in Turkish that meets the same grammar subject. This situation, causes confusion in language teaching. The study aims to identify the terms used for the same subject in the four sets determined from the sets of books prepared for teaching Turkish to foreigners.“Document analysis” was used from qualitative research patterns in the study. New Hittite Turkish teaching kit for foreigners, Gazi Turkish teaching kit for foreigners, Seven Climate Yunus Emre Turkish Institute teaching kit, Istanbul Turkish teaching kit for foreigners have been determined as working documents. As a result, it was found that different terms belonging to the same topic were used in the sets of books studied. It can be assumed that this situation may pose a problem for those who learn and teach Turkish as a foreign language.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Grammar, term, Turkish teaching sets for foreigners, common term union.