Turkic has many structure from micro level to macro level in terms of having the function or meaning content at the level of phoneme, suffix, word, phrase, sentence and more. Structure knowledge answers how the relevant elements gather around a principle, a rule. The structure of the suffix is the aspect that determines the position and function of this element in the language with the word. There is a structure that structures each suffix with other suffixes in a syntagm and paradigm contrast order. On the other hand, there is no own morphemes in the suffixes as in the words. Since it is a functional element, it determines all the allomorphs it has / may have, the relationship with the word. However, the origin and life of the suffix needs a diachronic and synchronic examination. The suffix + SIrA- is a morpheme that has lived for centuries with its various main and the other functions, from the Orkhon Inscriptions, the first examples of which we have seen, to the examples in contemporary Turkish dialects. In our study, a detailed structure, origin, function examination was made and the content of the suffix was presented.

Anahtar Kelimeler
+SIrA-, suffix, morpheme, structure, function.