In the creation of humorous products, certain communities, regions, places and individuals have had a special humor skill and came to the fore especially in the anecdote type. In this context, the city of Tabriz is a city of humor with its unique world of jokes, Eşekler Kahvesi (Donkeys’ Coffeehouse), which has both political and humorous qualities, and quick-response “dübbe” that we can call humorous narrators and people. Based on this information, we determined the subject of this article as the humor of the city of Tabriz. In the article, we first gave information about the genre of humor and joke in Iranian Azerbaijan. Then, we gave brief information about the historical and oral cultural products of the city of Tabriz, which we determined as the sample area for our article. Afterwards, we gave information about Tabriz's relationship with the anecdote type, Tabriz and, Eşekler Kahvesi (Donkeys’ Coffeehouse), which is the first place that comes to mind when humor is mentioned, and then the humorous narrative storyteller dübbes, which is both the performer and the hero of the joke genre. As a result, in the context of the relationship between humor and place, we examined and analyzed the characteristics of Tabriz in terms of humor and humor in Tabriz, Eşekler Kahvesi (Donkeys’ Coffeehouse), which is a humor place in Tabriz, and dübbes, the heroes of humor, specifically for Tabriz and Iranian Turks.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Humor, place, Iranian Turks, Tabriz, joke, Eşekler Kahvesi, dübbe.