Turkish has been written in different periods of time since the first day it appeared on the stage of history, in Köktürk, Uyghur, Sogdi, Brahmi, Tibet, Latin, Arabic, Armenian, Cyrillic and Greek alphabets. It is known that some important works, which contain important information in terms of Turkish history and culture and which are a single copy, are also written in alphabets of non-Turkish origin. Among the works they left behind, there are inscriptions, manuscripts and printed works belonging to a community known as Orthodox Christians whose origins are disputed, it is certain that they spoke and wrote in Turkish. The Black Sea Region is one of the areas where these people live in Anatolia. In this study, a fountain inscription written in Turkish with Greek letters, which has not been identified by field researchers before, remaining from the Orthodox Christian people who lived here before the exchange in Bafra district in the province of Samsun in the Middle Black Sea region, will be introduced to field researchers. In our study, this inscription, which has different language and spelling features among the Greek-letter Turkish inscriptions, will be examined.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Black Sea, Turkish with Greek Letters, Karamanlidika, Inscription.