In general, the elements of modern poetry cannot be regarded as limited and dependent on harmony elements such as the poetry form, poetry unit, rhyme, and repeated voice (redif) of the traditional structure. Modern Turkish poetry, which has gained personality away from stereotyped perceptions, has had a multi-meaningful structure in the mediation of this subjectivity. This structure has kept the deeply problematic phenomenon of meaning up to date. In this structure, in which the elements of modern poetry are mostly constructed according to the poet, the evaluation of basic elements such as form-content, image, reality, syntax, association, personality-oriented lyricism has made it possible to change traditional conceptions. Contemporary poetry, which gained personality through the phenomenon of self, deepened its semantic structure in this respect. The inability to reveal the meaning in this depth necessitated a new look and understanding. The reader felt the need to position himself with new perceptions in the face of poetry, especially while the image replaces traditional metaphorical statement (mazmûn). The singularity that both the poet and the reader acquired in the process of individuation became the starting point in this plane. Therefore, in this study, poetry and its elements are handled within the context of meaning relation in modern context and a general framework has been drawn from different approaches.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Meaning, poetry-prose, form-content, image, association.