Mankind has been in an effort to understand and make sense of every concrete or abstract phenomenon since its existence. As a result of this effort, by enriching the language, more than one word for an object; has derived more than one meaning for a word. While lifestyle, religious belief, social, political and economic factors changed the language from the outside, many semantic events that took place in the language increased the meaning load of the words. So much so that a word can gain new meanings depending on the context, simile, idiom transfer, name transfer or reduplication structures. The "time" factor, which brings together the internal and external events of the language in question, is very important for the discovery of new meanings and their placement in the language. As a matter of fact, the change of time is life; The change of life also indirectly affects the language. In this context, the polysemous words that reveal the processing and development of the language were examined within the framework of the Kül Tigin inscription and the words that kept all their meanings in a single text during the period were distinguished.

Anahtar Kelimeler
Age of Turkish, the inscription of Kül Tigin, polysemy, vocabulary.