The aim of this research is to adapt the Teacher Grit Scale developed by Baraquia (2020) into Turkish. The scale consists of 14 items and consists of two sub-dimensions called perseverance in teaching and passion and purpose in teaching. A total of 641 (402+239) teachers and teacher candidates were included in the research. While examining the psychometric properties of the scale, EFA, CFA and criterion-related validity (concurrent validity), test-retest, and Cronbach's alpha reliability methods were used. The Short Grit Scale developed by Duckworth and Quinn (2009) and adapted into Turkish by Sarıçam, Çelik, and Oğuz (2016) was added to calculate the criterion validity. As a result of the confirmatory factor analysis, the goodness of fit values of the two-dimensional structure (Perseverance in Teaching, Passion and Purpose in Teaching) [CMIN=141.943, df=76 CMIN/df =1.87; (p=.00), RMSEA=.061, CFI=.96, GFI=.93, TLI=.95, SRMR=.040], thus showing a perfect fit. In addition, item factor loads were found to range from .61 to .77. Statistically significant relationships were found between the Teacher Grit Scale and the Short Grit Scale. Cronbach's alpha value for the reliability coefficient of the measurement tool was α=.92 for the whole scale; α=.85 for perseverance in teaching and α=.91 for passion and purpose in teaching. The corrected item-total correlation coefficients range from .44 to .77. All these results show that the Teacher Grit Scale, which consists of 14 items and 2 dimensions, is a valid and reliable scale that can be used to evaluate the level of determination of Turkish teachers and prospective teachers in the teaching profession.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Reliability, validity, grit, teaching, passion.